From ‘Animal Crossing’ to Netflix: Unilever and P&G search for young consumers in a pandemic

Unilever Plc and Procter & Gamble, the world’s top two advertisers, are seeking out younger audiences by reallocating some 2021 spending away from traditional TV and into video games, streaming services and media programs operated by retailers like Walmart and Tesco. As they continue to look at their digital ad budgets and try to appeal to younger shoppers – who have during the pandemic convened around Nintendo Switch game consoles and in front of Netflix screens – the two consumer giants have turned to tie-ups with popular services like Hulu and HBO Max and games like Fortnite and Animal Crossing. Unilever is “rethinking” how it spends its advertising budget as the prolonged pandemic has accelerated a shift in the way people shop and entertain themselves, Luis Di Como, Unilever’s executive vice president of global media, told Reuters.


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