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Black American wrestler makes Olympic history

”I am a Black woman on the Olympic stage and I have a gold medal’’Tamyra Mensah-Stock made Olympic wrestling historyby becoming the first Black American woman to win a gold medal”I want to be an inspiration to as many people as I can. (Sigh) Man, the younger generation, they’re going to be so freaking fire. I’m so ecstatic for them. That’s mostly what I want in this world is just to inspire as many people as I can, through love, because I love giving hugs, since I was a baby. So yeah, it means a lot.”The 28-year-old beat Nigerian veteran Blessing Oborududuin the women’s freestyle light heavyweight category finalAfterwards, she revealed the secret to her success”So the karaoke machine is not a secret. However, having fun, I think, is because people think when you’re going for a gold medal, you have to be gung-ho, focused, like just omit everybody from your life. You know like the saying, it’s lonely at the top. No, it’s not. That’s one thing I did not want. I wanted to put at the top, be married, not have kids because that’s too much, but I wanted to have fun doing it. Because in the end, the journey is the most important thing for me. And once I get to the destination, well what’s after it? Did I enjoy my journey? I most certainly did.”


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