I think airlines knew that offering flights where quarantine was mandatory was NOT a sustainable strategy. So thankfully, the rapid advances in diagnostic COVID-19 testing protocols is slowly allowing airlines and governments to do away with the idea altogether.

Two airlines testing this approach out are Alitalia and Delta, who are now offering flights between Italy and the US that do not require any kind of quarantine.

This will involve select trips from Atlanta to Rome, and you have to test negative for COVID-19 three times: 72 hours before leaving, at the Atlanta airport, and again at the Rome airport.

If this experiment is successful, then ideally it will be expanded to other European airports and hopefully to other US-Europe transatlantic flights.

The latter are extremely lucrative for aviation leaders in both continents ($9 billion between US and UK), where people traveling in first or business class are paying exorbitant fees for a more comfortable flying experience. 

And to nobody’s surprise, you will probably have to fund the costs of all three tests for yourself. While it’s relatively cheap and will go for €5-10 in Rome, I think you’ll have to end up paying $75-100 per test in the US unless they find a way to drastically drive the price down.

At the same time, consider that universal COVID-19 testing is just ONE of the avenues towards quarantine-free traveling.

Our next best option is the COVID-19 vaccine, which has become controversial in today’s public space as some people are leveraging the vaccine as a political tool. The Australian airline Qantas wanted to make the vaccines mandatory for all passengers, and many people boycotted them in return.

But regardless of whether the test or the vaccine takes precedent in regular aviation activities, one thing is for sure: A digital health passport, or some sort of indication which shows off our prior status in regard to COVID-19 and other serious diseases.

9/11 changed the world because it forced security to permanently take on new measures for ensuring the safety of all passengers. COVID-19 changed the world because it forced workers to take on new measures for ensuring the HEALTH of all passengers.

Welcome to the new world of flying.

What do YOU think about the rise of quarantine-free flights? Are you ok with getting tested 3 times during your trip, or is it too much for you? Reply to this newsletter and tell us how you feel!

No Quarantine, No Testing – Where Can Americans Travel?

TravelPulse just compiled a list of countries that represent “heaven on earth” for Americans right now. Places where you can go without subjecting yourself to a COVID-19 test, a 14-day quarantine, and (only for now) no rules about getting vaccinated.

Here they are:

  • Brazil – no test results necessary unless your airline asks for it
  • Mexico – health screening and temperature checks
  • Serbia – self-assessment test to be taken on arrival and 10 days after your visit
  • Turkey – checked for signs of infection, will be tested for COVID-19 if you exhibit symptoms
  • Tanzania – no test results necessary unless your airline asks for it, plus a health screening
  • North Macedonia – temperature checks upon arrival
  • Dominican Republic – not required to test for COVID-19, but may be randomly selected
  • Belarus – temperature checks and health screening upon arrival
  • Albania – health screening upon arrival

As with each of these countries, there are obviously going to be some exceptions and smaller rules that may dictate whether you want to travel to them or not (for example, one of the non-US countries you are directly from might be a “red zone” for your destination country and make COVID-19 testing mandatory).

Make sure you search up the country’s travel rules and those of their respective embassies.

If you had to travel to any one of these countries right now, which one would be it be and why? Or if none of them, why not? Let us know by replying to this newsletter!

This UV-Emitting, Virus-Destroying Robot Is Coming to an Airport Near Your

Airports are in a weird position right now – the LAST thing they want to do is hire more people, but they need more foot soldiers to continually clean and wash every part of their building. So how are they going to possibly take care of these insanely large buildings? 

Robots, of course! And “LightStrike”, a UV-emitting machine manufactured by robotics company Xenex, is going to be tested out at San Antonio International Airport. According to the Washington Post, the company claims the robot can kill COVID-19 in less than 120 seconds:

“It’s called LightStrike, and other airports are considering whether to invest in the $125,000 device that has been shown to be effective against the coronavirus. Some airports are watching to see whether travel improves over the coming weeks.

It’s been known for decades that UV radiation can destroy viruses by chemically altering their genetic material… LightStrike robots have a powerful xenon UV-C light source capable of damaging the DNA and RNA of viruses in a matter of minutes.

Xenex says that its robot business has increased 600 percent amid the pandemic. Most of the increase is related to the health-care industry, but the robot also has entered new markets such as hotels, professional sports facilities and police stations.”

I, for one, am looking forward to seeing robots take care of the more menial tasks at airports. I just hope they don’t end up being compromised and start emitting those powerful UV rays my way!

Forex Trader Put to Death by North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un

Forex trading is indeed one of the most profitable – yet one of the riskiest – financial investment routes you can go down. You have trillions in liquidity passing through the markets every day, you have an unbelievable amount of leverage you can use on trades, and the markets are open to anybody.

Unfortunately, there are times where forex can kill your bank account. And if you happen to be a currency trader in North Korea, Supreme Leader Kim John Un is going to come for you head. We don’t know much about this news, other than a currency trader was executed.

It turns out that North Korea’s government, in light of the “won” (North Korea’s currency) appreciating by 20% against USD in the past few months, wants to regain control of the currency markets. They don’t want anybody messing with foreign currencies and the mission is “total economic control” from now on, according to an internal source:

“For a long time under Kim Jong Un, they did not intervene with private businesses at all... they not merely tolerated but encouraged decentralization, and the switch to market relations between industrial enterprises and individuals. Now they are trying to back-pedal.”

No matter how bad life gets, just be happy you don’t live in North Korea! ☺

Useful On-the-Road Productivity Tips from Successful Digital Nomads

Travel + Leisure recently wrote a profile piece where successful online entrepreneurs and digital nomads were interviewed for their secrets to getting lots of work done. Despite constantly changing office environments, cities, and sometimes entire countries, they still manage to earn a stable and respectable income for themselves.

Their tips were as follows:

High-speed WiFi is mandatory: I shouldn’t have to state the obvious, but here we are. Depending on how many people use your connection, or where you are, make sure you get as much information as possible about the Internet you’ll be using (upload speed, download speed, bandwidth, number of connectable devices, screenshot proof, etc.).

Get yourself fully equipped, physically and digitally: You can’t do the job without the tools, right? Travelers would be smart to equip themselves with a backpack that blocks RFID signals, charging equipment, battery packs, good headphones, WiFi hotspot, and so on. The same goes for any digital tools you use to stay productive on the road.

Watch out for time zones: There are a number of free online tools that allow you to see where your time zone is relative to your clients and co-workers (your phone should have this feature as well). And when you’re flying around the world, you’ll have to watch out for potential jet lag. Manage your time appropriately and you’ll be fine!

And lastly, try to find a fixed spot for working. It can be a café, it can be a library, it can even be the desk at your hotel. But always lock onto to that one spot and you’ll find yourself being productive within seconds.


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